How are training levels assigned at 43 Hoops?

Our trainers assign each athlete a training level based on his/her mastery of fundamental skills as well as
his/her overall grasp of the game (“basketball IQ”), and they periodically reevaluate their trainees to
determine whether or not they have developed sufficiently to move up to the next level. We use these
assigned levels to form uniform training groups. An athlete’s age is not a factor in our rating system
(with the exception of the HS Level), so our groups will consist of athletes of different ages.

Parents, we encourage you to seek feedback from our training staff if you have questions about the
progress of your child’s skill development. We ask, however, that you respect our trainers’ judgment
regarding their training level. For the benefit of all of our trainees, we cannot allow parental feedback to
influence the assignment of levels.

Description of each training level:

Beginner (no more than 4‐5* athletes per session):
Athletes need to see multiple demonstrations of a basic move before executing these moves
themselves. Their execution is slow and mechanical. Athletes have only a very basic understanding of
the game.

Intermediate (no more than 6‐7* athletes per session):
Athletes can execute basic moves properly following a single demonstration with verbal instruction.
Their execution is somewhat smooth and steady. Athletes understand the game well enough to
compete in games and live drills.

Advanced (no more than 6‐7 athletes per session):
Athletes can execute basic moves at high speed and can combine moves seamlessly. They understand
how to effectively apply learned skills to game situations.

HS (High Level, High School only) (no more than 6‐7 athletes per session, may train with Advanced
Athletes can execute a combination of both basic and difficult moves at game speed flawlessly and
consistently. They can utilize learned skills in game situations spontaneously as their understanding of
the game becomes instinctual. Athletes at the HS level must be in High School.

*Generally a Beginner Level group will consist of 4 athletes or fewer unless it is a particularly strong
group. Similarly, an Intermediate Level group will consist of no more than 6 athletes unless it is
particularly strong.