about P.I.F. Basketball Camp

Coach Jorge is a retired Professional, collegiate and Olympic level basketball player. Jorge played professional basketball internationally averaging 17 PPG, 9.5 RPG. He played in several international tournaments for the Mexican Olympic team from 1997-2007 in which they placed the medal podium. Coach Jorge served as a spokesman for visits at the Mexican presidential house as well as being the media spokesman. He also worked several International basketball camps for the Mexican Olympic team.

Announcement: Summer Tryouts Begin August 28th

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to develop kids who will not only be good basketball players but also good human beings and have a passion for helping and loving others.

Our vision is to have your kids learn basketball skills that will help them to work in team environments, learn to be true leaders and followers (they go hand to hand) and other things they can implement later in life for work, family.

Philosophy & Family

Coach Jorge Rochin is devoted to his Wife Sharon and his children Tianna, Maxim, and Valentina. Sharon has been the backbone of Jorge’s development in all aspects of his life: Spiritually, mentally and physically. She has also been instrumental in the development of the basketball academy.

Why Join P.I.F.?

Play with all your heart

Love others

Act accordingly

You can do anything!

The team is number 1









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We take on the challenge to enroll everyone regardless of their basketball skill set as we believe that with a combination of hard work and positive encouragement anyone could become successful in anything they do. We provide a family-oriented environment to extend the positive education our kids receive at home and we do not allow cursing, bullying, slandering name calling or anything of that nature. The kids will learn to care for one another and help each other as part of a team (We will Play It Forward!).

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